Brimbank City Council respects the privacy of everyone that visits our website.
Council is committed to complying with the Information Privacy Principles outlined in
Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014
This statement outlines the privacy policy and practices of Brimbank City Council to
visitors to Council's website. The policy does not apply to linked websites. We do not
link knowingly to sites that are privacy-invasive.
Anonymous access to our site
You can use the Brimbank City Council website and browse our website
anonymously, without disclosing personal information.
Collection and use of personal data
Brimbank City Council website does not retrieve or record any personal information,
except for information that you give freely:
in responding to online forms put on our website occasionally;
to contact us using our Online Services website for payments, customer
requests, booking requests, certificates and application enquiries; or
to give us feedback on our website.
If you do give this information we only use it for the purpose stated. We do not use
this data for direct marketing.
Council staff and contractors that use your personal information collected in this
website must protect and handle your personal information in accordance with the
privacy principles in the
Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014
and the
Council Information Privacy and Health Records Policy.
Collection and use of site visit data
The Council website and Active Brimbank website use cookies. If you have your
cookies disabled in your browser, you will still be able to access our websites.
Council's websites also use cookies through Google Analytics tracking.
Google Analytics uses cookies to report on visits to our websites. It does not collect
identifying data such as your name.
A cookie is information that is shared between a web server and a user's browser.
Cookies give the server information about a user's identity and website visiting
patterns and preferences.
What we do record
For statistical and system administration reasons, Council's Google Analytics
tool automatically records this non-personal information:
the Internet Protocol (IP) number (the IP number is assigned to your computer
when you use the internet);
the domain name of the account you use to access the internet (e.g. "your" or "");
the date and time of your visit to the site;
the pages you accessed and downloaded;
the address of the last site you visited; and
the type of browser you are using, for example, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
This information will only be used to update and improve our website. To the extent
that this data could make you identifiable, Council will not attempt to identify
individuals from the records the server automatically generates unless that is
necessary to investigate a breach of law or regulation.
Disclosure of information
We will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent,
unless we are legally compelled by a Court or authorised to do so by law or other
regulation. In the unlikely event of an investigation into suspected unlawful or
improper activity, a law enforcement agency or government agency may exercise its
legal authority to inspect the web server's records (for example, in relation to hacking
or abusive messages).
Security of your personal data
The protection of personal privacy is a priority of every person at Brimbank City
This website does not provide facilities that guarantee secure transmission of
information over the internet. You should be aware, however, that there are risks in
transmitting information across the internet. If you are concerned about conveying
sensitive or personal material to Council over the internet, you might prefer to
contact us by telephone or post.
Links to other websites
Brimbank Council website has links to external websites.
Websites that you click on from Council's website may have different privacy policies
and practices.
Council suggests you read a website's privacy policy before you share information.

Council's Online Services
In using the Council Online Services you are authorising Brimbank City Council to
collect information about you and about the transactions that you process
through Brimbank City Council's Online Services.
Brimbank City Council may disclose information about you (including your identity) to
a third party, if Brimbank City Council is required to do so due to the processing of a
criminal or other legal investigation, or if Brimbank City Council determines that this
disclosure is required to assist in the progressing of a complaint regarding your use
of the site.