Information sheet

Placing waste containers

On Council road reservations


General Local Law 2018


NOTE: This application form is not applicable to building sites and demolitions sites.

Under no circumstances is the placement of waste containers/skip bins permitted on Council road reservations at buildings sites and demolition sites. Council’s Local Law for building and demolition sites requires waste containers/skip bins to be placed inside the property boundary, within the perimeter fence.

Breaches of Councils Local Law can incur a penalty of up to $1000.00


Attached is a copy of the information relating to obtaining a permit for the placement of a waste container on Council road reservations.

Before your application can be processed you must provide Council with the following:

1.  Payment of the application fee of $85.50

2.  Payment of the permit fee of $356.00 (if applicable)

3.  Completed application form.

4.  Completed Indemnity Form

5.  Copy of your public liability insurance

Also, your public liability insurance must be current. You must provide Council with a copy of your insurance policy in a form approved by Council NOTING THE INTERESTS OF BRIMBANK CITY COUNCIL AS A PRINCIPAL insuring for a minimum sum of $10,000,000 (ten million dollars) or more and showing that you have paid the premium.

Payment can be made by submitting a cheque or money order to:

Brimbank City Council C/- City Regulatory Services PO Box 70 SUNSHINE 3020;

By completing the credit card payment form attached to the application; or

By attending one of the following Customer Service Centres:

Keilor Office  Sunshine Office  
704B Old Calder Hwy  301 Hampshire Rd  

Keilor 3036  Sunshine 3020  


If you require additional information please contact Customer Service on 9249 4000.




Placing waste containers

On Council road reservations


General Local Law 2018

In accordance with the Brimbank City Council General Local Law 2018, Clause 37, the following guidelines are considered in determining conditions and issuing permits relating to placement of waste containers on Council road reservations.

Definition of Waste container

Means any portable container specifically designed for the collection of waste and includes a rubbish hopper, skip, clothing collection or recycling bin but not including Council’s refuse bins or containers.



a.  To ensure the safety of the public is maintained for storage of waste material on council land

b.  To ensure the storage of waste containers reduces the environmental impact and the effect on the amenity of the area


Applications shall be made on the application form associated with this document and all details on the form must be completed.

Details of the type of waste and the volume of the commercial waste bin and quantity required to be stored on council land.


The following conditions apply:

 A permit application form must be completed and received by Council a minimum of 10 business days prior to the placement date.

 An application assessment and placement inspection will be carried out by an Authorised Council Officer prior to the permit approval and placement of any waste container.

 The waste container must not be placed in No Stopping areas, Clearway, Loading Zones and Bus Zones, driveways, pathways, unlit areas and Heavy Traffic roads.

 The waste container must not cause any obstruction on any road or for pedestrians.

 Any waste within a 3 metre radius of the waste container, or any waste that has spilt or been blown from the waste container must be removed by the permit holder.

 A minimum space left for the traffic must be four metres.

 The waste being collected must not cause any potential health hazard to residents or the environment.

 The waste container must be in good order and the company name and telephone number must be clearly visible. Council will not allow bins without adequate identification to be placed on public streets.

 The lid on the waste container must be closed at all times except when placing waste in the container.






 The waste container is emptied immediately as it becomes full or at the discretion of a Council Authorised Officer.

 The waste container must have retroreflective material affixed to it to ensure its visibility at all times, in particular during the hours of darkness.

 Where the waste container is to be located in an unlit area it must be fitted with a flashing light. The light must operate effectively and be clearly visible.

 The waste container is removed from the address within seven (7) days of the cessation of business.

 These conditions apply within the Brimbank City Council.

  A permit may be refused at the discretion of the Authorised Officer.


Clause 38 of Council’s General Local Law 2018 – Local Law No. 2 states:

38  Trade Waste

38.1  The owner occupier of any land must ensure that any trade waste hopper kept on the land is constructed and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition to the satisfaction of an authorised officer and prevents the escape of liquid or solid waste from the trade hopper.

38.2  A person must not collect any trade waste from any trade waste hopper outside the hours of 7am – 8pm (inclusive) Monday to Saturday; 9am – 8pm (inclusive) Sunday and public holidays.

38.3  Council or an authorised officer may issue a Notice to Comply under clause 49 of this Local Law requiring an owner of land to carry out work in or around the area where a trade waste hopper is kept, to ensure that the relevant area is maintained in a safe, clean and sanitary condition.

38.4  A person must not place a trade waste hopper on a road or Council land for longer than is practicable required for the emptying of the trade waste hopper and in no event for longer than 24 hours.

38.5  A person must not store a trade waste hopper in a location that may cause an obstruction to pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or a danger to any person.

38.6  An occupier of land that uses a trade waste hopper must:

a)  Ensure the lid of the trade waste hopper is closed at all times;

b)  Repair any damage caused by the placing or emptying of the trade waste hopper, to any vehicle crossing, road, footway, kerb or drain.


Further to Council’s Guidelines all applicants are to adhere to the VicRoads “Code of Practice for the Placement of Waste Bins on Roadsides”







4.    PERMIT

a.  On assessment of all the criteria specified in this document Council may:

•  Issue a permit which may include various conditions which are required to be adhered to, or

•  Refuse the application

b.  The holder of any permit shall at all times ensure that the conditions of the permit are adhered to at all times

c.  The permit issued is only valid for the location listed on the permit


 Fees will be reflective of Councils current administrative fee structure

◦  Waste Container (Skip Bin)  Application Fee Only

◦  Additional Household Refuse Bin  Application Fee and Annual Permit Fee

◦  Commercial / Industrial Bin  Application Fee and Annual Permit Fee



Any proven contravention of any condition of the permit conditions could result in an on the spot fine being issued or cancellation of the permit.





Permit application

Placing waste containers

On Council road reservations


Complete application must be received at least 10 business days prior to the start date. A permit will not be approved

without prior inspection/assessment by an authorised officer

1.  Applicant Details (print clearly)

Contact Person

Last Name

Company Name

Business Address



Postal Address

Telephone No.

Mobile No.

Email Address



2.  Application

Site Address:


Name of Business Being Serviced


Fee Applicable

No of Bins (Max. 2)*

Cubic Metres

Length (m)

Width (m)

Height (m)

Start Date

End Date

waste container (Skip Bin)

Application Fee Only


Commercial Waste Container

Application & Permit Fees


Residential Refuse Bin

Application & Permit Fees



* More than two (2) waste containers will require a site assessment by an Authorised Officer.


Type of Waste Collected


󠄀 Household Renovation

󠄀 Household Garden Waste

󠄀 Household other

󠄀 Building Construction

󠄀 Commercial

󠄀 Industrial

Proposed Siting of Container


󠄀 On Road (3 day Permit)

󠄀 On nature strip (3 months max.)

󠄀 Laneway

󠄀 Other ____________________


3.  Declaration

󠄀 I am an authorised person to apply and that all information in this application is true and correct

󠄀 I have read the guidelines and confirm the details above are correct

󠄀 I have enclosed a current public liability insurance providing a minimum indemnity of $10,000,000 noting Brimbank City Council as an interested party.


Applicant’s Signature: _______________________ Date ____/_____/20_____


Please complete this form together with payment at least 2 weeks prior to the placement date.




4.  Payment Process


All application fees are non-refundable if the permit is rejected.


Waste Container (Skip Bin)

$85.50 application fee

Commercial Waste Container

$85.50 application fee plus $342.20 permit fee

Residential Refuse Bin

$85.50 application fee plus $342.20 permit fee



Payment can be made by submitting a cheque or money order to City Regulatory Services, Brimbank City Council,

PO Box 70 SUNSHINE 3020 OR by attending one of the following Customer Service Centres:

Keilor Office    Sunshine Office  

704B Old Calder Hwy  301 Hampshire Rd  
Keilor 3036    Sunshine 3020  




Emailing the application and credit card payment form to


5.  Visa / MasterCard Payment


Credit Card Number:

Card Holders Name:

Expiry Date:

Card Holders Signature:

Amount Payable:


Privacy Collection Statement

Personal information collected on this form is to assist Council staff to process and assess an application required by General Local Law 2018 and will be used solely for that purpose. Personal information will not be disclosed to any other person unless required by law. You may apply for access and/or amendment to your personal information by contacting


Application Fee: GL961

Permit Fee: GL962

Council’s City Compliance Department.
















Form of indemnity



THIS INDEMNITY is given the


day of







(hereinafter called “the Indemnifier”)

(hereinafter called “the Council”)

WHEREAS the Indemnifier has applied to the Council for authority to use portion of a road or other public area within the municipal district under the Council’s General Local Law 2018.

NOW THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH that in consideration of the Council granting such authority to place a waste container:



on the following dates

1 JULY 2024 TO 30 JUNE 2025



In consideration of the Council granting such authority the applicant agrees to take out and keep current during the period of the authority a liability insurance policy insuring, for a minimum sum of ten million dollars ($10 million), the applicant against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses and damages which may arise under the indemnity set out below.

The applicant agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Council, its servants and agents and each of them from and against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses, penalties, demands and damages whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against them or any of them arising directly from the applicant’s negligent acts, errors or omissions.

The applicant’s liability to indemnify the Council shall be reduced proportionately to the extent that any act or omission of the Council, its servants or agents, contributed to the loss or liability.

Nothing in this Indemnity shall constitute an agreement by the parties to contact out of their respective liability as determined under the Wrongs Act 1958 (Vic).





In Victoria in the presence of:











Was hereunto affixed in accordance with its Articles


of Association in the presence of: