A pocket guide for exploring all
that Brimbank has to offer

The hidden gem in
Melbourne’s West
Whether you’re visiting for a day, a weekend
or a week, or even looking to call Brimbank
home, you’ll find a range of amazing
experiences waiting for you.
Located between 12 and 23 kilometres west and northwest
from Melbourne’s CBD, this diverse and dynamic City is best
known for its cultural diversity, welcoming community, and
great authentic food from across the globe at affordable
prices. Brimbank is home to national parks, an exciting array
of festivals and events, an expanding food and coffee culture
and a burgeoning arts community. If you scratch the surface
there is also a rich history to be found.
BBQ area
Cafe Bar Historic site
Arts Workshops
Get up close
with nature!
Brimbank’s network of cycling
and walking trails are the perfect
way to discover the area.
Experience Brimbank |
The trails are well-designed to suit everyone
from families to avid cyclists and keen walkers.
They are a great way to enjoy the municipality’s
outstanding waterways and provide easy
access to key destinations across Brimbank.
Key trails to check out are the Maribyrnong
River Recreational Trail; the Taylors Creek
Recreational Trail, the Kororoit Creek Trail; and
the Jones Creek Trail. You can also discover new
things about the local environment by visiting
the Taylors Creek and Kororoit Creek Wildflower
gardens which showcase plants indigenous to
the local area.
Brimbank Park, adjoining the Maribyrnong River
in Keilor is a great place to walk, run and cycle.
The park has sheltered picnic areas, gas
barbecues, picnic tables, and playgrounds.
For those who forget their picnic basket, there is
the Brownston Cafe & Functions in the Visitors
Centre near the children’s playground..
A network of cycling and walking tracks cross
the park. For the adventurous, the Maribyrnong
River Trail starts at the park and follows the
tree lined river 25km to Footscray.
Wetlands and wildlife
A wetlands area has been extensively
re-vegetated in Brimbank Park. Birds commonly
seen include blue wrens, yellow-tailed thornbills,
flame robins, parrots and galahs, and a variety of
water birds. Residing in the River Red Gums are
Brush Tailed and Ring Tailed Possums. You may
also see a Blue Tongued Lizard sunbaking,
or catch sight of some swamp wallabies.
Organ Pipes National Park
Spend part of the day exploring Organ Pipes
National Park, which is one of two national
parks less than 20km from the centre of
Melbourne. Go bush walking and inspect
the extraordinary lava formation known as
the Organ Pipes – you might even glimpse
a wallaby, platypus or kangaroo.

Experience Brimbank |
St Albans Lunar Festival
Each January, the Lunar Festival hosted by the
St Albans Business Group Association attracts
around 80,000 locals and visitors for a fun
packed day full of festivities, entertainment,
rides and fantastic food in St Albans!
The fantastic food provided by the festival
stalls and local restaurants is a must have
experience. The traditional Lion Dance and
fireworks display are always entertaining and
there are other attractions too, including the
opportunity to learn about the conservation
of water, the fish in our rivers, how to play
chess and much, much more. Be prepared to
stay late – with so much to enjoy festival-goers
never seem to want to go home!
Sunshine Lantern Festival
Celebrate the full moon and enjoy a day of
cultural food, music, dance and children’s
activities at the annual Sunshine Lantern
Festival, the largest lantern festival in Victoria.
The festival offers entertainment, rides,
street performers, music, food of many
nations, magical Lion and Dragon Dancing,
and a twilight Lantern Parade ending with
spectacular fireworks.
Sunshine Food Fever
If its Asian food you’re after then plan to
book a seat at the annual Sunshine Food Fever,
which is hosted by the Sunshine Business
Association as part of the Melbourne Food
and Wine Festival.
Sunshine like St Albans is renowned for its
authentic, fresh and affordable Vietnamese
cuisine. Held in March each year, Sunshine
Food Fever is the ultimate progressive
dinner with a diverse range of restaurants
Sunshine Food Fever takes you on a food
journey celebrating the successive waves of
immigration that make Sunshine one of the
most culturally diverse places in Australia.
This unique experience also provides the
opportunity to meet the chefs as they present
dishes reflecting their family and history.
popular festivals
It’s festival time all year round
in Brimbank!
Sunshine Short Film Festival
A sell out for the past three years the event
is a uniquely Sunshine experience.
The Sunshine Short Film Festival is another
great event hosted by the Sunshine Business
Association and supported by Brimbank City
Council. The event is the only film festival in
the West about the West. Budding and
accomplished film makers are invited to enter
an original film around an annual theme
(Superheroes in 2015). The winning films are
screened at Village Cinemas Sunshine.
The Festival complements a summer program
of Movies in the Park, where families can bring
a picnic dinner and blanket to Pollard Gardens
in Sunshine to enjoy a range of movies.

Experience Brimbank |
Experience Brimbank |
St Albans Alfrieda Street
Alfrieda Street in the St Albans Town Centre is
great for Asian cuisine or try Main Road West/
East for European and Middle Eastern fare.
Alternatively, you can pick up that great Polish
sausage from one of the local delicatessens.
Sunshine Town Centre
Sunshine Town Centre is home to the best
of Vietnamese cuisine and sandwich bars
as well as Indian and African restaurants.
There are plenty of contemporary cafés
like the Granary in Devonshire Road.
The Granary also houses Gallery Sunshine
Everywhere which features exhibitions
of children’s art.
Keilor Village
Treat yourself to breakfast at one of the
delicious eateries at the Keilor Village shopping
strip on Old Calder Highway, Keilor. Check out
Café Dolce or Sweet Lulus and if you’re about
all day head off to dinner at the historic Keilor
Hotel (circa 1849) or Mommos Pizza Restaurant.
Deer Park
In the Deer Park area you can choose from
places like Chef Lagenda, Deer Park Hotel,
and Deer Park Club Bistro or if you want to
explore the tastes of South America try the
offerings and traditional BBQ at Latin Foods and
Sydenham Station ‘Streat’ at
Station ‘Streat’ at Watergardens offers
visitors a choice of food options including
Grilled, Switch, Hogs Breath Café, La Porchetta,
Max Brenner and the Sporting Globe which
features a mini television in most of
the booths.
Foodies are
spoilt for choice
Enjoy delicious food from fresh local
produce to some of the best Asian
cuisine in Melbourne.
Coffee anyone?
Take some time to explore
the food and coffee
culture growing in Deer
Park, Keilor Village, St
Albans, Sunshine and
Shopping hot spots
If it is shopping you want, try one of our major
shopping precincts in Sunshine, St Albans or
Sydenham, or head to Deer Park or Keilor where
you can enjoy a village-like atmosphere.
If its the hustle and bustle of a Hanoi street
market you’re after, be sure to check out
the Hampshire Road Sunshine markets on
every second Friday, or the big time shopping
experience provided by major retailers.
Shop till
you drop!
Brimbank retailers bring a world
of shopping straight to your door.

Experience Brimbank |
Brimbank goes
back 40,000 years
Discover the rich history of
Custodians and settlement
The peoples of the Kulin Nation are recognised
as the traditional custodians of the land.
European settlement dates from the 1830s
when farmers moved into the Keilor Plains.
Development from the original settlements of
Keilor, St Albans and Sunshine spread rapidly
after the Second World War to accommodate
an influx of overseas migrants. This trend
continued into the 1980s, and it continues
to grow today.
Indigenous history
Brimbank Park transcends time with
archaeological surveys at Keilor indicating
that Aboriginal occupation extends back
40,000 years, making it among the oldest
known human inhabited sites in Australia.
A total of 157 registered Aboriginal
archaeological sites exist within Brimbank
with found artefacts including bone remnants,
ochre, charcoal and hearth stones. A small
number of formal tools have also found,
including blades and scrapers. Skeletal remains
over 6,500 years old from a grave site have
been found in Green Gully.
In addition to the numerous stone and bone
artefacts, scarred trees and silcrete quarry
sites have been found along the Maribyrnong
River, Taylors Creek and Steele Creek. The large
number of artefacts and significant sites found
within Brimbank highlights the area’s long and
extensive occupation by Aboriginal people well
before European settlement.
Significant sites
You’ll find there’s plenty of local history to
explore! Just take a drive around Brimbank to
visit the many buildings and areas of historical
and cultural significance.
These include the Black Powder Mill in Cairnlea,
the Mt Derrimut Homestead and farm buildings,
part of the Sunshine Golf Club development,
Harrick’s Cottage, St Augustine’s Roman Catholic
Church in Keilor Park and the many aboriginal
historical sites dotted across Brimbank.
Overnewton Castle
For a change of pace visit the historical
Overnewton Castle in Keilor and stay for
a traditional high tea.
This Scottish Baronial Castle built in 1849,
takes you back a step in time. Hidden away
amongst a lovely garden, the castle has
seen many changes through the years and
is beautifully restored.
Gone are the days of horse drawn carriages,
gas light and household staff, but the old
world grace and charm along with the elegance,
grandeur and atmosphere of a bygone era still
remains at Overnewton Castle.
Industrial History
Take a walk around Sunshine to discover
interesting places such as the site of the
Sunshine Harvester Works, which relocated
there in 1906. The works were the largest
industrial enterprise in Australia in the 1920s,
and Sunshine was described as being the
‘Birmingham of Australia’.
Sunshine has a key place in Australian industrial
relations history. In 1907 an industrial dispute
between HV McKay and his workers at the
Sunshine Harvester Works led to the Harvester
Judgement, the benchmark industrial decision
which resulted in the creation of a minimum
living wage for Australian workers.
Other places of interest around Sunshine are
the first post office, the replica McKay Smithy,
Sunshine’s first library and more!
Heritage Trail
The Keilor Heritage Walk takes you on a rich
historical journey through the past. The
information panels along the walk explain the
importance of sites along the way.
Information Centre
The Information Centre located in
Brimbank Park includes an Aboriginal
cultural display and provides maps and
walking trails to help visitors discover
the park’s natural and cultural heritage.

Experience Brimbank |
Experience Brimbank |
Dynamic Art Spaces
Enjoy great contemporary art and get a taste
for the creative side of Brimbank with a wander
through the Arts Spaces in Sunshine, Keilor
and Deer Park. You can watch arts practitioners
working in the community-based spaces, or
even take part in an arts workshop or two.
Art lovers can also check out the latest
exhibitions at the shopfront Sunshine Arts
Spaces Gallery.
Contemporary public art
As you move around Brimbank you’ll also spot
some interesting public art that draws on the
City’s history and rich diversity, expressed in
a mix of contemporary art forms.
Brimbank is the home of John Kelly’s Man Lifting
Cow sculpture in the Sunshine Town Centre.
Artist Kelly grew up in Sunshine and has
exhibited works in Ireland, France, Monte
Carlo and The Hague. His related work,
Cow Up a Tree, is installed at Docklands.
Art lovers
welcome here
Immerse yourself in the creative
Brimbank art scene.
The Bowery Theatre at STACC
The exciting new Bowery Theatre in
St Albans offers a range of quality performances
throughout the year – including a mix of touring
and local productions.
The theatre is part of the $8.9 million St Albans
Community Centre, or STACC, which opened in
March 2017.
The 200-seat Bowery Theatre was named after
influential designer and performance artist, the
late Leigh Bowery. Born in Sunshine in 1961,
Bowery was a provocative performance artist
whose work influenced musicians and designers
from Boy George to Lady Gaga. Bowery’s daring
spirit is honoured in the theatre’s motto: Be
The Bowery Theatre features a constant
program of quality productions. Visit to find the current
Enjoy quality
A bold new world of theatre,
dance and live music in
St Albans.

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