Chalk Circuit Fun
You could use a concrete space to make up your own obstacle course.
Draw a start line and then draw some activities to follow.
You could try:
Frog Jumps
Fast run
Balance line
Wall Catch
Start by standing opposite a wall. This could be
in or outside, but preferably a flat wall.
Use your writing hand to throw the ball against
the wall and catch with the same hand.
Challenge 1:
Use your writing hand to throw
the ball and non-writing hand to catch
Challenge 2:
Use your
non-writing hand to throw
and catch the ball
Challenge 3:
Stand on one
foot while throwing and
catching the ball
What you will need:
A ball
Drink bottle
Comfortable shoes
149 - 0420
Be Active Brimbank is a Brimbank City Council initiative to help you find and participate in physical activity.
If you haven’t exercised in a while, you should progressively increase the intensity of the exercises. If you feel unwell stop
exercising immediately. If you continue to feel unwell, seek medical assi stance. The exercises provided are generic and not based
on your individual needs. Please seek the help of an accredited professional for a tailored exercise program. Contact your local GP
to find out about services that you may be eligible for.
Be Active
At Home Brimbank
Activities suitable for
children aged 0-12 years
Either sitting or standing, use your non-writing
hand to throw the ball into the other hand, a bit like
a juggle with one ball. You can then place the ball
back into your non-writing hand and do it again.
Challenge 1:
Once you catch
the ball in your writing hand,
try throwing it back to the
other hand
Challenge 2:
Throw the ball
high into the air and catch it
Challenge 3:
Throw the ball
high into the air and try and clap
once before catching it again

149 - 0420
Hot Potato
You will need at least two people to play this one.
Grab a ball and throw and catch it between the
people playing. The ball is hot though, so make
sure you don’t hold onto it for very long.
Challenge 1:
Get everyone to throw and catch
with only one hand
Challenge 2:
Get everyone to stand on one leg
and balance
Challenge 3:
Each person has to say the name of
the person they are throwing to before they throw
the ball
Dance Party
Turn on your favourite music and have a disco
party in your lounge room, garage or bedroom. You
could try some of these games too:
Freeze: Get one person to stop the music
during a song and everyone else has to
freeze (no moving!) on the spot.
Make up a dance routine
to a song and perform it
to a parent, grandparent,
carer or sibling
Mini Workout
Create an exercise circuit in your house or backyard. There are lots of
exercise you can do using just your body. You could try:
• Lunges
: Keep your upper body straight, and step forward with your
right foot first and then lower your hips until both your knees are bent.
Step your right foot back and try with your left foot.
• Squats
: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and slowly lower your
bottom just like you are about to sit down. Straighten your body
upright and repeat 15 times.
• Star Jumps
: Stand with your feet together and arms by your side.
Jump slightly in the air bringing your legs away from each other and
your hands to above your head. In a quick motion, bring your legs and
arms back to the starting position.
Be Active
At Home Brimbank
Activities suitable for
children aged 0-12 years
Be Active Brimbank can be discovered here:
Pick up a
Be Active Physical Activity Guide
at your local Brimbank Council Customer Service Centre
Call Brimbank Council on
(03) 9249 4000
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