Learning and
Youth Jobs 2019–2020
Annual Report Card
Brimbank City Council supports a range of activities that fosters better learning and employment outcomes
within the community. Brimbank Lifelong Learning Strategy 2018-2023 provides a long-term approach to
improving the social and economic outcomes and recognises learning as a driver for social change. Brimbank
Youth Jobs Strategy 2018-2023 was developed by local young people for local young people. Brimbank
Learning Futures (BLF) is a lifelong learning hub with innovative outreach engagement and responsive
programming that connects young people and adults to learning and pathways to employment.
Four strategic partnerships
with Hester Hornbrook Academy, Orygen Youth Health,
Inclusion Melbourne and Travancore School enjoy the non-traditional learning space and add value to
each other’s programs for enhanced learning outcomes.
A further 13 organisations partner
with BLF to
deliver programs that empower learners of all ages who experience barriers to learning.
Mentoring and support
was provided through partnerships with two youth led organisations,
Community Health Advancement and Student Engagement (CHASE) and Afro-Australian Student
Organisation (AASO) to deliver education, career and personal development information and classes in
Brimbank. The project is funded from the Victorian Government ‘Engage’ initiative.
Schools/Community Organisation Exchange Working Group
addresses key learning issues for
the school years life stage 6-16 years. A key project is the development of a train the trainer model for
local community groups to support newly arrived families with their understanding of the Australian
education system.

Measuring impact
Baseline measures have been developed for each
life stage of the Lifelong Learning Strategy. These
measures will support Council and its partners
monitor specific priorities and trends to inform future
work and to understand whether or not there has
been a positive shift in intended outcomes identified
in the Strategy.
Learning and Employment
Project BrIMPACT
was a federally funded
initiative to assist local businesses recruit and
retain young people facing barriers to employment.
At total of 24 job outcomes for young people were
achieved through this initiative.
Virtual Learning Bootcamp
supported young people to build their enterprise
and social entrepreneurship skills, increasing
their ability to identify opportunities and create
employment for themselves during and post
As part of RMIT University’s
Student Placement
, Youth Work students partnered with
Council to create Podcast recordings from peer to
peer career workshops to empower and inspire
young people in their decisions and aspirations
about their work future.

Brimbank Learning Futures
Provided face to face learning, job ready programs,
study support and career advice up until March 2020
and then pivoted services online and by phone during
the shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
There were 110 monthly visits with enquiries on
learning pathways, careers advice, training options
and employment seeking support
From 24 March onwards staff provided outreach to
more than 70 families referring them to local services
for financial and material aid.
Produced a COVID19 resource booklet for the
Respectful Brothers program, providing information
on Covid, mental health services and family violence
support services.
Programs were co-designed with community
members ensuring programs targeted specific
learning needs. This included the Art Foyer project
with young people attending classes at BLF and the
Respectful Brothers program for men looking for
Supported more than 85 students navigating
between further study and work providing an
understanding of the choices learners have in
their pathways as part of the Apprenticeships
Matter program.
Hosted a session for 15 parents on understanding
the Australian Education System.
Supported the community to adopt new technology
eg. Intensive support was provided to the South
Sudanese Mother’s Coalition to navigate Zoom during
the COVID-19 lockdown to stay connected.
Supported adult community education providers
with professional development opportunities.
25 community tutors from Neighbourhood Houses
and U3A aged over 50 years+ were involved.
BLF Job readiness support:
Beyond Your Resume
held weekly to assist
individuals to articulate clear key selection criteria
responses and use existing online resources to
build their individual pathways towards training
and employment. More than 45 people have
attended sessions.
The delivery of a pre-accredited
Skills Now for
the Future
course in partnership with Victoria
University, the five-week course focused on
Careers Counselling weekly drop in sessions
with a careers counsellor from Victoria University,
3 attendees per week.
Level Up: Start a Business in 21 Days
, for
women of colour was delivered to 43 young and
mature-aged women from CommUnity+ and local
Jobactive providers to learn strategies on finding and
maintaining rewarding employment
Learning programs and services:
Three editions of
Celebrating Learning
were produced sharing learning
research, information on events and inspirational
local learning stories. There were 1,226 subscriptions
to the newsletter.
14,420 visits to the online
Learning Hub
, an
increase of 27% over last year. The Learning Hub
provides access to free study and work support
resources such as Studiosity and The Kids
Learning Resources and English Language class lists
were the most visited pages.
Annual update of
Homework and Study Clubs
English Language programs
in the Brimbank,
available online.
Developed the
Skills First checklist
in English and
community languages, to support informed choices
when selecting a training provider.
Online Homework weekly club
via zoom with
10 families attending.
Scholarship Support
sessions helf
for transitioning students to
find and apply for financial assistance through
scholarship programs.
Conversation English classes
for the local Burmese
community, with the program co-designed with
CommUnity+ and Burmese mothers.
Council provided an annual grant to the
Chances Scholarship program
to support students
experiencing disadvantaged.
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