Sunshine Doorway
Emergency Relief Procedure
This procedure ensures all clients have fair and equitable access to the ER service and that
clients receive clear and consistent messages from staff.
Clients are required to contact reception on 03-93134300 at 9am in the morning (Monday
Tuesday-Thursday and Friday) and press option 2 to make an appointment for food
Please note:
We have only 7 appointments available in a day (Monday-Tuesday-Thursday and
Appointments are booked only by Leanne, reception or Neda. The referrals from
internal programs and case workers are more than welcome.
If there is no appointment available on a day, the client will be advised to contact the
office the following day to make an appointment.
Clients will be offered other information on other local emergency relief services or
food parcel through church at this time.
It is recommended that clients keep attempting to until they get through the
reception and avoid leaving a voice message as it may not be heard and responded to
Clients who have no mobile phone need to attend the office at 9am to have a free
phone card to make an appointment for emergency relief
or use “Free Call line”
Client may not be able to get an appointment on a day if they drop in the office as it
might be none available once they reach to the reception, so they are required to
contact reception the day after.
Alternatively once there is no available appointment on a day, clients are more than
welcome to be referred to church for food parcel (Tuesday, Wednesday &Thursday
between 10am-3pm-Friday between 10am-5pm) and also meal program on Friday 5-
If client becomes agitated and aggressive as a result of procedure regarding the
booking system, they will be asked to leave. If additional support is required Doorway
Team Leader and Case worker may be involved to deescalate the situation and / or
police called.
There is an exception for clients who are on medication due to their mental health
illnesses or coping with any other disability concern can be referred to Leanne / Neda
for further support.
Neda Shavandi
Doorway Team Leader

The available services at Sunshine Doorways:
Physical Woolworths Voucher and Coles E-voucher
Food parcel- Referral to the church in Devonshire Road
Salvo Store Voucher
OPSM Voucher
Telstra Bill Assist Voucher
Telstra Phone Card
Dental Assistance Card
Case Management Support
NILS(No Interest Loan Service) Support