Climate Emergency
Plan 2020-2025
Annual Report Card 1
1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021

People Power: Growing our Voice
People power is about following the optimistic impulse
for positive change together, leaving no one behind.
Council’s new Community Engagement Policy
2021 established an engagement framework
with a set of principles to guide best practice
engagement and enable meaningful and genuine
opportunities for community involvement in
decision making processes.
Council held the North West Communities for
Climate Action Conference in collaboration with six
other municipalities. Sessions included emergency
services experiences and Aboriginal land
management skills.
Council’s Young Environmental Leaders training
program was established and commenced in
collaboration with the Brimbank Community
Leadership Program.
Council continued our hosting of and strong
collaboration with the Western Alliance for
Greenhouse Action (WAGA).
Council received significant community input into
the draft annual budget consultations, advocating
for strong action on climate change.
Council adopted updated formal statements
acknowledging Traditional Owners, and Traditional
Owner corporation spatial borders were determined.
Council submitted its Emergency Plan as its pledge
to the Victorian Government and advocated for
them to declare a climate emergency, put a price
on carbon emissions, and target 100% renewable
energy by 2030. The Victorian Government
released emission reduction targets for 2025 and
2030, and Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy.
2020/2021 saw implementation of year one of the
Brimbank Climate Emergency Plan 2020-2025 - Let’s
co-create our future.
The Emergency Plan outlines the need for, and
urgency of, an ambitious transformation of Brimbank.
Together we must work to free our community
from fossil fuel pollution, and become resilient to
climate change.
In Brimbank, equity, energy, infrastructure, the
natural environment, and the material economy are
core challenges of climate change.
These five areas translate to our five themes for
action in the Emergency Plan: People Power, 100%
Renewable, Resilient Rebuild, Green and Cool, and
Circular Economy.
Taking urgent action on climate will enable our
security, and thus our freedom.
In the year from July 2020 to June 2021, Council has
made significant progress towards the fundamental
objective of the Plan: to stop pouring pollution into
our atmosphere.
We must ‘electrify
everything’, and use
100% renewable clean
electricity for all our
energy needs.
Securing over $1.5M in funding from the Australian
Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to enable
the Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre
aquatic facilities to be all electric powered –
with an Australian first heat-pump system
– was the highlight.
This project highlights the core task at hand.

100% Renewable: Growing our Energy
100% Renewable is about using clean renewable energy for all our needs,
including to heat and light buildings, transport people and goods, and to
undertake industrial processes.
Council contracted the development of a municipal
emissions pathway, targeting the industrial and
commercial sectors that make up circa 70% of
Brimbank emissions.
Council worked with WAGA and with 46 Victorian
councils to finalise contracts for the Victorian
Energy Collaboration (VECO) power purchase
agreement to provide councils with 100%
renewable electricity from 1 July 2021.
Council assessed the feasibility of electric
alternatives to gas heating and cooling at the
Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre and secured
an ARENA grant of over $1.5M to go all electric!
Council explored the feasibility of developing a
community solar farm at the old Sunshine landfill,
and advocated to the Victorian Government for
special conditions for community energy projects to
make it financially viable.
Council installed electric vehicle charging
infrastructure for its fleet at the Sunshine multi
deck carpark, and at Council’s operations depot.
Council installed solar PV at multiple sites including
a significant system at the Sunshine Leisure Centre.
Council advocated for, and applauded the Victorian
Government decision to power the metropolitan
train network with 100% renewable energy.
Council commenced work on a 100% Renewable
Brimbank community campaign to be launched
in 2021/22.

Resilient Rebuild: Growing our Strength
The Resilient Rebuild is about smarter, more thermally comfortable and
sustainable buildings, and making safe connections for low emission
transport, such as public transport, walking and cycling, and electric bikes
and vehicles.
Through the Creating Better Streets for People
program Council’s streets designs are changing to
be walking and cycling friendly corridors that include
high levels of tree shading, and water sensitive
urban design features such as raingardens.
Council adopted a new parking permit policy,
together with car park management plans for
Sunshine and St Albans, to provide a framework for
effectively and fairly managing parking across the
Council continued to support staff to use
sustainable transport solutions such as public
transport and cycling.
Council advocated to the Victorian Government for a
high-level of sustainable design and construction to
be included in major projects such as the Melbourne
Airport Rail Link.
Council continued to utilise its environmentally
sustainable design framework to guide the design and
construction of its own new buildings including the
new sports pavilion at Errington Reserve in St Albans.
Council applauded the Victorian Government’s
budget funding of significant new social
housing, and of rebates for heating and cooling
infrastructure (energy efficient reverse cycle split
systems) for low-income households.
Council commenced a project, in collaboration
with the Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built
Environment (CASBE), to consider the next phase
of improvements to the Victorian planning system
needed to enable all-electric precincts
and buildings.
The Victorian Government announced its
policy support for the transition to EVs and
electrified transport.

Green and Cool: Growing our Wellness
Green and cool is about embracing nature as our ally, caring for
biodiversity as our privilege and responsibility, and being aware
that what we eat has a huge impact on us and on the planet.
Council’s urban ecology projects included
distributing native plants to schools.
Brimbank’s urban canopy cover has increased
from 6% to 10% as part of the implementation of
Council’s Urban Forest Strategy.
Council continued its active involvement in the
Greening the West initiative, and welcomed the
launch of the GTW Strategic Plan 2020–2025,
and Victorian Government funding of $5M for tree
planting in the western suburbs.
The Brimbank Oasis concept of cool and green
parks hit its stride with the commencement of the
Dempster Park Oasis Project attracting $1.5M in
funding from the Victorian Government, and Sunvale
Community Park winning three industry awards.
Council progressed and promoted plant-rich diets
through the provision of vegetable seedlings to 32
schools and the launch of A Guide to Community
Gardening in Brimbank.
Council communicated on social media about the
need to reduce food waste.
Council raised awareness in the communities where
we planted nature-strip trees about the important
benefits of increasing our tree canopy cover,
including how they cool homes in summer.
Council continued its work with IPC Health to
promote heatwave awareness.
Council urban design projects such as the
upper Stony Creek wetland and projects on the
Hampshire Road upgrade continued to cool and
green the municipality.
Brimbank’s precious ‘Friends of’ groups and Council’s
temporary Working for Victoria staff, and own
conservation team did a power of work to protect
and restore our natural assets including our living
and wonderful waterways.

Circular Economy: Growing our Prosperity
The Circular Economy is about recognising that the goods and services
we use have a big impact, and so we need to choose wisely, design out
waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate
natural systems.
Council developed a new Social Procurement Policy
to provide support for social outcomes when we are
purchasing goods and services.
Council welcomed the final report by the Victorian
Parliamentary Inquiry for Disadvantaged Job
Seekers, which has considered and responded
to Council’s submission for greater support and
pathways to assist local job seekers.
Council’s Compost Revolution program was a hit
during lockdowns with hundreds of compost bins
and worm farms arriving at residents’ doors.
Council worked with traders in the St Albans and
Sunshine activity centres to understand their waste
management issues so that we can assist them and
improve public amenity.
Council collaborated with other councils on a project
to better understand how we can achieve better
recycling outcomes at multi-unit dwellings.
Council trialled high recycled content asphalt on a
road upgrade project.
Council has been actively working to prepare for
the implementation of the Victorian Government’s
Recycling Victoria policy commitments: including
the move to a four bin kerbside collection system,
the introduction of a container deposit scheme, and
the banning of single use plastics.

Building a
Brimbank Council has
allocated $31.17 million in the
2021/22 Annual Budget on
sustainability projects.
This budget is
focused on investing
in key sustainability
initiatives that
support our community today,
while building a more sustainable
Brimbank for our future.
Take a look at the snapshot
of sustainability projects
we’re planning to deliver
across Brimbank.
& Green
Park upgrades
Tree Planting
Su olk Road Local
Activity Centre,
Greening and water
sensitive urban
design features
Warm Season Grass
Conversion - to reduce
reliance on drinking
Nature Places to
public access
Gould Street Greening
100% Renewable
Brimbank Aquatic
and Wellness
Centre – carbon
neutral aquatic
100% Carbon
Supply for all
facilities and
Bike / pedestrian / shared
user pathways
Rain Gardens within Road
Rehabilitation Works
Street lighting upgrade
Gould Street Pedestrian Improvements
Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre –
Green Star
Alfrieda Street Masterplan
Kororoit Creek Stormwater Pollutant Trap
Creating Streets for People Policy
Environmentally Sustainable Design
Standards for Council buildings
Circular Economy
Kerbside Green Waste Service
Kerbside Recycling Service
Recycling and waste education
People Power
Conservation Land Management and Education
Climate Emergency Plan
Annual Budget
Brimbank City Council’s Annual Budget 2021-22 includes a range of
initiatives that are building a more sustainable Brimbank.

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