Addendum - Sydenham Park Master Plan Report 2022
Prepared by Pollen Studio for Brimbank City Council
MARCH 2022

1.1 Sydenham Park Investigations and
Feasibility Studies
Based on Council’s resolutions from the Council Meeting on 17
March 2020 and 18 August 2020 (2020/2021 Annual Budget
adoption), Council officers commissioned the following studies for
Sydenham Park:
al Heritage Management Plan Summary Report (refer
Attachment 1)
obertson’s Homestead Feasibility Study (refer Attachment 2)
a and Fauna Assessment (refer Attachment 3)
ark Access Infrastructure Design (refer Attachment 4)
The following highlights the outcomes of each report and the
impacts on the Sydenham Park Master Plan (SPMP) that have been
documented in the draft Sydenham Park Master Plan Addendum
Update 2022 (refer Figure 1).
Cultural Heritage Management Plan Summary Report (CHMP)
The establishment of a CHMP involves three phases of assessment.
For the proposed works associated with a new Shared User Path
(SUP) and upgrade to existing paths without sub-surface impact,
a Desktop and Standard Assessment has been undertaken for the
CHMP. Future works will require additional Standard and Complex
Assessment subject to the extent of ground disturbance.
The Desktop Assessment revealed 16 sites were registered with
the Victoria Aborginal Heritage Register (VAHR). The Standard
Assessment was completed by traversing Sydenham Park on foot
to complete a full survey coverage of the Activity Area. Field notes
recorded ground conditions, the vegetation type, landform and
details of areas of archaelogical potential for Aboriginal cultural
Previously identified Aboriginal places and the high amount of
surface artefacts indicate that Sydenham Park is highly sensitive.
Artefacts in general were located in areas of higher visibility.
A site inspection took place with the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrng
Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation as they are the Registered
Aboriginal Party for this site. The outcome of this meeting was
an agreement on the path alignment, lookout location and
construction methodologies.
The CHMP recommends to the VAHR that Sydenham Park be
consisdered as a multi-component Aboriginal Place.
Robertson’s Homestead Feasibility Study (RHFS)
Robertson’s Homestead is a locally significant c.1860 bluestone
house located within Sydenham Park to the north of the Golf
Course. The Homestead and its curtilage are architecturally and
historically significant. The Homestead has remained unoccupied
for approximately twenty years and requires structural remediation
and conservation works to preserve it and prevent further
The RHFS has investigated the condition of the Homestead and
what is required to restore the Homestead either in its current
location or relocated to another site within Sydenham Park
as highlighted as an option in the SPMP. Due to the proposed
upgrades to Melbourne Airport and the changing planning policy
any proposed adaptive reuses of the Homestead in its current
location would be prohibited due to noise impacts of the proposed
east west runway.
The RHFS details that any adaptive reuse would require that the
Homestead to be relocated to the area proposed for the Potential
Community and Sports Hub as highlighted in the SPMP.
The RHFS recommendation is to undertake restoration works
and retain the Homestead in its current location as a landmark
structure with interpretative signage thereby maintaining and
enhancing its cultural significance.
The proposed new Shared User Path will allow for walkers to view
the Homestead from close range and read about the significance of
the Homestead through new interpretive signage.
Flora and Fauna Assessment (FFA)
The FFA considers that Sydenham Park is an important local and
regional asset that supports a range of significant flora, fauna and
habitat values. In the context of the area where substantial native
vegetation remnants are rare, in spite of the historic degree of
modification and present levels of disturbance, this park currently
offers good biodiversity values and this can be greatly improved
with continued strategic planning and management. A broad
range of values was assessed, with a focus on identifying listed and
protected fauna and ecosystems within the park. The report also
acknowledges the areas regional importance as a connection in the
landscape, particularly along the waterways, and the value of this
for the more ‘common’ species.
Sydenham Park also supports or provides habitat for a number
of threatened and regionally significant fauna species with the
potential for other species either migrating from surrounding
areas or through reintroductions to permanently reside on the
land. Similarly, to the neighbouring Organ Pipes National Park, with
enhancement of key habitats, Sydenham Park has the potential to
support sustainable populations of Krefft’s (Sugar) Gliders, a range
of micro bats and Striped Legless Lizards (through translocation).
FFA recommends that further targeted surveys be considered
to understand the extent of biodiveristy at Sydenham Park and
to offer education and training opportunity for stakeholders to
continue vital flora and fauna assessment.
Any future works to occur at Syden
ham P
ark will require a
Planning Permit due to the likely impact on native vegetation and
this will be referred to DELWP. As such, a site inspection took place
with DELWP officers, in advance of the Planning Permit phase for
path works, to discuss the works and associated elements, such as
the location of the proposed lookout. The feedback received has
been incorporated in to the design of a new path network.
Park Access Infrastructure Design
Council have prepared a new Shared User Path alignment and
modifications to the existing paths. The design process sought
feedback from Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Cultural Heritage
Aborginal Corporation, DELWP and Council staff. A ‘no dig’
approach has been adopted for works associated with path access
to avoid damage to significant flora and fauna habitat and existing
It is proposed to continue to allow cars to park at the Kings Road
Interchange where community members can walk from here using
the new Shared User Path or alternatively, when the gate is open
at the Kings Road interchange, providing access to the Golf Course
car park. It is proposed to close Farr Parkway to cars just past the
pedestrian access to the Golf Course Driving Range to create a
Shared User Zone for the remainder of Farr Parkway. Cycling and
walking will be allowed in addition to Council staff and members
of the Keilor and District Model Aircraft Society. Car parking will be
signed posted at both locations.
A planning application has been commenced for Park Access
Infrastructure and is anticipated to be completed in 1st Quarter of
2022. Following this, construction is planned for mid-2022, to be
completed by the end of 2022. Works may be staged subject to
budget and tender costing.

1.2 Sydenham Park Master Plan 2020 -
Proposed Addendum Updates
As a result of the commissioned investigations and feasibility
studies, an update to the SPMP has been prepared as a draft
Sydenham Park Master Plan Addendum Update 2022 (refer Figure
1). The main changes include:
Final layout of walking trails includes a new Shared User
Path, Shared Zone circulation. A circuit from Kings Road
Interchange provides a loop around Robertson’s Homestead
and back to Kings Road via an Shared Zone access.
aded existing paths enable walking into the river valley
including the confluence of the Maribyrnong River. Includes a
new loop at the confluence of the Maribyrnong River.
Proposed locations for new lookout, seating, signs, gates,
fencing, bins and drinking fountain.
‘Potential Future Sports Field Expansion’ component
within the existing Golf Course is removed as no longer
required given Council was not successful in its Expression
of Interest for the Home of Football (Matildas) Bid and the
area proposed for the replacement golf holes would not be
suitable given the high level of artefacts and biodiversity.
‘Possible Future Sports Field Expansion’ component
proposed to the west of Kings Road is removed due to (1) the
alignment of the Shared User Path through this area, which
was chosen to limit its environmental impact while providing
the best connection to the Kings Road Shared User Path,
and (2) the confirmation (through Robertson’s Homestead
Feasibility Study) that the majority of this area is affected
by the Melbourne Airport contours in relation to Lighting
Distractions meaning lighting of sports facilities would not be
permissible severely limiting functionality and use.
‘Potential Commercial Opportunity’ component also
proposed to the west of Kings Road is removed, as this area
is considered more appropriate as a potential revegetation
zone for grassland species. This revegetation is seen as a
crucial component of improving biodiversity in Sydenham
Park in the long term by creating a new seed source.
The seeds produced will be used for propagation of new
grassland species for use in revegetation works across
Sydenham Park.
ed the proposed location for a relocated ‘Keilor
Golf Course Maintenance Depot’ to the open space on
the eastern side of Keilor Golf Course, subject to further
y additional fencing and gates need to be justified on
safety grounds and ensure access to all park users during
normal hours of operation of the park.
ted wording on the western side of the entrance to
‘Proposed Grassland and Future Recreation Facilities’.
Included an additional pr
oposed 3m wide Shared User Path
from main gate travelling north alongside existing trees
to path network near Robertson’s Homestead, subject to
further investigations and approval from Wurundjeri Woi
Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation and State
Government Department of Environment Land, Water and
The investigations and feasibility studies, and the Draft Sydenham
Park Master Plan Addendum Update 2022, have provided Council
with the necessary framework to continue working towards
creating Sydenham Park as an accessible open space destination.
This work is ongoing in order to commence on-site works to build a
new access path in mid-2022.
Further consideration in relation to the funding for restoration
works for Robertson’s Homestead and feasibility analysis in relation
to future sporting facilities will be considered by Council as part of
future Annual Budget processes.

Figure 1.
Draft Sydenham Park Master Plan Addendum Update 2022
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