This Report Card provides a summary of key achievements of Brimbank City Council’s Fairness,
Equality and Respect Strategy 2019-2023 over the past financial year. The strategy aims to
promote gender equality and respectful relationships, and prevent family violence and violence
against women. Council is working internally, and with its partners and the broader community,
to advance gender equity and prevent gender-based violence.
Fairness, Equality and
Respect Strategy 2019–23
Community Report Card 2021–2022

Priority 1: Promote gender equality
Council will work to address the
underlying determinants and factors
that lead to gender inequality.
In December 2021, Council was successful in
receiving a ‘Change Our Game’ Scholarship Grant to
deliver a Women Leaders in Sport and Recreation
Facilities program. In March and May 2022, Council
ran two sessions with 24 leisure centre staff. The
sessions were focused on actions in the workplace
that promote women in leadership and what Council
can do to better support this.
Council, in partnership with the Western Bulldogs
Community Foundation, supported the Daughters
of the West and Sons of the West programs. These
programs aim to educate participants on ways to
improve their health and wellbeing. A total of 60
women and 25 men participated in the programs.
Council delivered free group fitness classes providing
a safe and inclusive space for participants to get
back to being active as part of its In2Active program.
In2Active works to break down body image concerns,
low confidence levels and feeling safe and included.
The program has 275 members and an average of 43
weekly attendees.
Council implemented the priority registration of girls
for In2Sport Brimbank to encourage girl’s greater
participation in sport. In2Sport Brimbank is a subsidy
program to help children living in Brimbank take part
in community sport and aims to fund 75 percent
towards club membership fees. A total of 30 girls
received funding for the winter program and 29 girls
for the summer program.
A session on gender equality in community
organisations was delivered as part of the
Community Governance Training Program. Nine
community organisations participated in this training.
Library services developed gender equity guidelines to
ensure that gender equality is a key consideration in the
design and delivery of all programs and events at libraries.
Priority 2: Primary prevention
of family violence and violence
against women
Council will develop, implement and
support initiatives – such as campaigns,
projects and programs – to prevent family
violence and violence against women
before it occurs.
In April 2022, Council was successful in obtaining a
grant of $212,500 through the Free from Violence
Local Government Grant Program 2022-25. The
funding is to support the implementation of The
Local Government Guide for Preventing Family
Violence and All Forms of Violence Against Women.
The funding will support Council staff to understand
how to embed primary prevention of family violence
and all forms of violence against women at Council
and via the services Council offers.
In May 2022, Council assisted a successful grant
application, led by community service provider
MiCare, receiving $20,000 through the White Ribbon
Foundation. The funding is to pilot two multicultural
dad’s and kids groups in Brimbank to support gender
equity and the prevention of violence against women
Library services held programs and events that
challenged gender stereotypes including STEAM
programs for girls focused on robotics and coding
and sessions in the Learning for Earning Festival
that challenge male-stereotyped roles in different
In collaboration with VICSEG, a pilot Baby Makes
3 program was delivered to the Vietnamese
community. Twelve people participated in the
session which was delivered in language using the
modified Baby Makes 3 curriculum aimed at cultural
diverse communities.
In March 2022, Council hosted an International
Women’s Day live panel discussion with local women
leaders and music from a local performing artist. The
event included a keynote presentation on ‘Gender
based biases and how to break them’ from Louise
Falconer of GenWest and a panel discussion with CEO
Fiona Blair, Mayor Cr Nguyen, Brimbank Young Citizen
of the Year Devika Chaudhary and CEO of CommUnity
Tracey Gaudry.

Council participated in the Respectful Relationship
Forum. The aim of the forum was to support primary
and secondary schools across Brimbank and Melton
in understanding respectful relations curriculum from
a whole school approach and connecting schools to
community support services.
In 2022 there have been 21 young people, including
two women, attending Council’s ‘Empowering
Moves’ program, a weekly boxing program for young
people aged 14-25. The program aims to facilitate
recreational sessions and personal development
discussions on important issues such as gender
stereotypes, positive choices and support services to
prevent violence in the community.
Council collaborated with Relationships Australia
Victoria and young people to co-design and deliver
a three-part podcast series called ‘Introductory
Conversations about Family Violence’. The
podcast series starts to unpack the complexity
and magnitude of family violence, its prevalence
across cultures and communities, education,
intervention and support services that are available
for community.
For the 16 Days of Activism that kicked off on 25
November 2021, Council delivered a social media
campaign including promoting a local project from
the Papua New Guinea Women’s Association
of Victoria.
Through the Action for Equity partnership, Council
participated in a Sexual Health Week social media
campaign in September 2021. Youth Services shared
six posts on different aspects of sexual health and
reached over 8000 followers.
For the International Day Against Homophobia,
Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) on 17 May
2022, Council conduct a ceremony raising the
Pride Flag at the front of the Civic Centre for a week.
Council also held an internal event which featured two
LGBTQIA+ identifying young people and a performer
Quartz Pistol. The event was held in person and live
streamed as an opportunity for staff and councillors
to celebrate and acknowledge the day.
Council have supported four secondary schools in
the creation and support of their ‘Stand Out’ groups.
‘Stand Out’ is a social action group made up of
students and staff working to make a more inclusive
and safer environment for members of the LGBTQIA+
community. The support from Council included
delivery of information sessions to students and
teachers in the groups, connecting to services and
advice on planning for LGBTQIA+ awareness days.
Council delivered a range of shows as part of the
Midsumma Festival 2022 to celebrate LGBTQIA+
communities and challenge hetero- and cis
Sunshine Leisure Centre hosted an IDAHOBIT Day
Morning Tea to celebrate and acknowledge the day.
It was an opportunity for Council staff and the centre
patrons to get together, network and learn about the
day through resources provided at the event.
Sunshine Leisure Centre collaborated with Bulldog
Pride to host an LGBTIQA+ inclusive pride pool party
to celebrate the Midsumma Festival. Approximately
80 people participated.
Priority 3: Early intervention
of family violence and violence
against women
Council will work closely with family
violence services to support victims
of violence.
Council’s Family Violence Practitioner conducted 90
family violence assessments to support community
members exposed to or experiencing family violence
Council continued to support staff experiencing
family violence by providing access to support
services, special leave and developing safety plans.

Priority 4: Advocate and partner
Council will undertake strategic advocacy
at the local, state and commonwealth
levels to lead, support and promote
gender equality and prevention of family
violence and violence against women.
Council will also partner with external
agencies, community leaders and the
community in planning, implementing
and evaluating actions to promote
gender equality, and prevent family
violence and violence against women.
Council continues to be represented on a range of
networks, including the Municipal Association of
Victoria Gender Equality and Preventing Violence
Against Women and all forms of Gender-Based
Violence Network, the Western Integrated Family
Violence Committee, the Preventing Violence
Together Partnership, the Action for Equity
Partnership, and the Partners in Prevention
state-wide network.
Council is a co-chair of the newly established
‘Engaging Men Working Group’, which includes
representatives from service providers, community
organisations and councils in Melbourne’s west
through the Preventing Violence Together
Priority 5: Organisational and
workforce development
Council will create and support training
opportunities to build the skills and
knowledge of staff in:
• understanding gender inequality, family
violence and violence against women.
• applying a “gender lens” to our work.
• identifying and responding to family
violence and violence against women.
Council will promote an organisational
culture that is welcoming, inclusive
and respectful to women and supports
women’s leadership at all levels.
Council will collect, analyse and report on
sex-disaggregated data (where possible)
to ensure continuous improvement of
services and programs.
Council undertook a workplace gender audit and
developed a four-year workplace gender Equality
Action Plan. Through the Plan Council will strengthen
and support an organisational culture that values and
promotes gender equality, diversity and inclusion and
where people of all genders can develop to their full
Council developed a Gender Impact Assessment
Policy and procedure, as well as a staff training
program, to support Council to undertake Gender
Impact Assessments when reviewing or developing
any policies, programs and services that have a
significant impact on the public.

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