Your Shopfront
What makes a shopfront stand out?
Is it the eye-catching signage that’s
easy to read?
Do you have an engaging window
display with neatly arranged stock?
Or is it the welcoming entrance with
clean walls and windows?
When was the last time you painted
your walls?
Your shopfront is often your customer’s first interaction
with your business. If ‘first impressions last’, then it
should always be a positive experience. This guide
provides you with an easy maintenance checklist to help
you keep your shopfront looking fresh. The daily, weekly,
monthly reminders help to keep you and your staff in
check when it comes to changing window displays or
when you should address repairs. If you regularly assess
the condition of your shopfront, it will be easier to keep it
well presented.
Keep this handy little guide as a helpful checklist
for keeping your shopfront looking its best.
Put your best foot forward!
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Make a statement on the street with great signage, visual displays and clean, bright walls!
(Before) - signage did not stand out, windows bare (After) - Coordinated signage on awning fascia and windows; painted facade to complement brand
Other Recommendations
Sweep the outside of your shop from the
doorway to the curb.
Pick up any litter or mess left outside your shop
and shop entrance from overnight activity.
Place your welcome mat or pot plant out.
Check your window display and tidy or replace
stock as required.
Dust/vacuum within the window display area.
Use wipes to keep the shelves clean and a
dustpan and brush to remove any debris such
as dead flies.
Turn on lights in window display and any
illuminated signage (if they aren’t already on
overnight). Check that all lights are working
and replace any globes that are not.
Clean off any graffiti from windows or walls.
Paint over the graffiti immediately if it
cannot be removed by cleaning. Note: keep a
small tin of paint that matches your
shopfront colour and a clean brush handy.
A free graffiti removal kit can be requested
by contacting Brimbank City Council on
9249 4000
Wash exterior of windows - use a squeegee
and window cleaner.
If posters are displayed and stuck directly to
the windows, remove all posters that are no
longer relevant.
Remove stubborn bits of sticky tape or
adhesive residue (from poster displays) by
first soaking a cotton ball/pad in eucalyptus
oil and rub directly onto residue, then
scrape off with window-scraper. Arrange
your remaining posters neatly on the
window so that they appear balanced.
Clean the inside of the windows, floor and
walls of the window display space.
Change the window display (if applicable) with
a new theme, season, focus or style. Ideally,
change your window display every 4-8 weeks.
Adjust the display lighting in the window
space to ensure that displayed stock is
effectively lit.
Assess the condition of your window signs –
especially if they are vinyl decals adhered to the
outside of your windows. Replace any that have
peeled off or remove altogether.
Where applicable, repair any loose tiles on the
exterior and re-grout if necessary.
Pressure-clean shopfront facade (walls, cladding,
render, or brickwork on either side of
windows/doors or underneath window ledge).
Do you own a restaurant or cafe that has outdoor
dining? Make sure your outdoor furniture matches
the style of your interior dining space. Dress it up
with pot plants, blankets for winter and shade for
summer. Consider applying your branding on
umbrellas, cafe barriers or any street signage that
may advertise ‘specials of the day’.
Is your brand/logo up-to-date or effectively
representing your business? Is it time to engage a
graphic designer? This change could impact the
overall look of your shopfront and signage.
Perform top to bottom assessment of all aspects of
the shopfront including condition of all signage,
awnings, paintwork, electricals and doors/windows.
Repair where necessary.
When it comes to signage, remember: ‘less is more’!
Try not to cram too much information onto the one
lightbox or awning sign.
Instead, think about who will be seeing your sign
and from where it will be viewed from. For example,
your awning sign should just have your business
name. Your lightbox may just have your logo or
business name. Further details like your phone
number and web contact should be positioned on
your shop window or door.
For window displays using merchandise, always try
to group items tightly together and create depth in
your arrangement. A ‘pyramid’ formation is the most
effective way to display a group of large and small
items in a display.
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Stand back and have a look at your shopfront every day from the outside, directly in
front and from across the street. Are there any areas that require urgent attention?
Every few months or years, your shopfront may require maintenance that could involve
repairs or long-term reinvestment. Once repaired or upgraded, your shopfront should yield
lasting results if it is well maintained.
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