Children’s Strategy
Report Card – 2022-2023
The Brimbank Children’s Strategy 2020-2024 serves as a roadmap for creating
environments—both built and natural—that supports children in learning, developing,
playing, connecting, and feeling secure and welcomed. The overarching goal is to
create a thriving community where children’s rights are respected and supported and
where they can grow into capable and healthy individuals.
The commitment to enhance outcomes for families and children is achieved through
collaboration with the community, service providers, schools, early years programs, and
local businesses

Strategy 1 –
Support children and
families to connect, learn
and build wellbeing
Sessional Kindergarten
2904 places accepted in sessional Kindergarten
(year prior to school).
Early Start Kindergarten (ESK)
In 2023, 171 Early Start Kindergarten registrations
were processed. These included 50 Child Protection
children, 114 Refugee/Asylum Seeker children and
seven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.
Early Years Engagement Officer and Culturally and
Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Outreach Officer visited
13 Kindergartens to provide information on their role
to the Educational Leaders at the kindergartens.
Supported over 50 vulnerable children re-engaging
with kindergarten programs.
Community outreach to promote kindergarten
registrations and enrolments at the following
community events:
- Tamil Family Festival in January
- Vietnamese Lunar New Year St Albans
- Reconciliation Week at the Brimbank Aquatic and
Wellness Centre & Sunshine Leisure Centre
During Kinder Readiness month in March, visits
were made to five library story-times and two
Neighbourhood Houses with two online information
sessions held.
Supported Playgroups
To enhance parenting skills and confidence in
supporting child wellbeing and development, 636
Smalltalk-supported playgroup sessions were held,
involving 346 parents and 424 children.
314 home visits were delivered, with 119
Vietnamese and Burmese parents participating in
group and home coaching programs.
Shopping Centre Pop up Playgroups operated during
school term times by Council Playgroup staff.
Volunteer Community Playgroups
100 volunteer parents formed their own playgroups
in Council venues.
Playgroup Leadership Training is delivered quarterly.
Children’s Week
Children’s Week annual ‘Playgroups Teddy
Bear Picnic in the Park’ was held in Sunshine
at Sunvale Community Park. Over 150 families
attended the event.

Strategy 2 –
Develop an informed,
accessible and
responsible suite of
child and family services
First Steps New Parent Groups
The First Steps New Parent Group partnership with
Early Years Community Programs and Maternal and
Child Health (MCH) hosted English, Vietnamese
and Burmese for 477 first-time parents. Eighty
seven Vietnamese and Burmese first time parents
attended the sessions.
Council’s Parent Support Facilitators conduct
First Steps New Parent Group and Smalltalk
sessions in multiple languages, such as English,
Vietnamese, Burmese, Chin, Arabic, Dinka,
Mandarin, and Cantonese.
Continue to provide outreach and engagement
services at Community Day events through the
mobile outreach ‘Bear Bus’ program.
Providing outreach program to families within
Brimbank both in client’s home and at MCH centres.
Offered weekly parenting support through the
Stepping Stones playgroup at various locations
including local parks and the Sunshine MCH Centre.
Delivered two Circle of Security Parent
Education Programs in conjunction with
Melbourne City Mission.
Developing the INfant Feeding, Active play
and NuTrition (INFANT) program with Deakin
University designed to help parents and families
with healthy eating and active play from the
start of their baby’s life.
Implementing the Brimbank MCH Clinical Governance
Framework to guide and assist delivering safe, high
quality care to children and families.
Between March to May 2023, MCH had the following
monthly averages:
- 1,394 incoming calls and 1,131 outgoing calls
linking families to MCH services including 1,422
key age and stage visits.
- 190 birth notices per month leading to 69 first
time parent groups being held.

Strategy 3 –
Build partnerships
and collaboration to
improve service access,
increase resources and
support advocacy
Co-facilitated four Brimbank Early Years Network
meetings with The Smith Family Communities
for Children.
Established the Brimbank Central Registration and
Enrolment Scheme (CRES) Partnership Group made
up of local kindergarten providers to coordinate the
smooth registration and enrolment of children into
kindergarten following the Best Start, Best Life
Victorian government reforms.
Participated in the Brimbank/Melton Early Start
Kindergarten and Out-of-Home-Care Working Group.
Continue to facilitate the Brimbank Best Start
Governance Group to oversee the delivery of the
Best Start, Best Life program.
Developed ‘Plan-Do-Study-Act’ cycles through
Best Start to test ideas and if necessary modify
approaches to engage vulnerable children and
families into kindergarten.
Continued extensions of Department of Education
and Training Victoria (DET) and Culturally and
Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) Outreach
Engagement Officer funding due to the success of
the program in supporting families.
Participated in in the DET facilitated Derrimut
Communities of Practice network, linking services and
partners to improve outcomes for Derrimut children
and families.
Participated in the re-development of the ‘Engaging
Children in Decision Making Guide’, alongside
other western region Councils. The guide was first
published in 2013 as a partnership project by Melton,
Brimbank, Wyndham, Maribyrnong and Ballarat
City Councils. The guide is a practical resource for
all professionals and organisations that affirms the
importance of including the voices of children in
the planning, design and evaluation of strategies,
environments, and programs.
Combining to one bullet point - The Early Years
Engagement Officer and CALD Outreach Officer
developed partnerships with Foundation House,
Orange Door, Look Out, Koorie Homework Club and
IPC Health.
Partnerships established with Playgroup Victoria,
Drummond Street Services, Melbourne City Mission,
Brave Foundation, Extended Families & IPC Health.
MCH continue to manage referral pathways for
families through the following partnerships:
- Tweddle & Family Health Service for
breastfeeding support services.
- Brimbank – Melton Child First Alliance
- Royal Children’s Hospital Bubs in Mind Project.
Showcased the Brimbank Early Years Bear Bus
Outreach Program during COVID 19 at the 2022
National Maternal, Child and Family Health Nurses
Australia Conference in Canberra.
Delivered the Brimbank Early Years Bear Bus
Outreach Program during COVID presentation at the
2022 Municipal Association of Victoria Maternal and
Child Health Conference.

Strategy 4 –
Work to develop child
and family friendly, safe
and welcoming built and
natural environments
Endorsed the Child Safety and Wellbeing Being
Policy and Procedures to guide Council’s commitment
to safeguarding children and young people in both
physical and online environments.
Delivered Child Safety and Wellbeing training to
24 volunteers to include the updated 11 Child
Safe Standards.
Individual Kindergartens and Child Care Centres
engaged with Council’s Environment team to
build their knowledge and practices regarding
sustainability and their natural environment.

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