The renewal of the Sunshine Town Centre Marketing and Business Development
Special Rate in February marked the beginning of a dynamic and eventful year for the
Sunshine Business Association (SBA). Over the past months, the SBA has been actively
engaged in various initiatives and events, contributing to the vibrancy and prosperity of
the Sunshine Town Centre (the ‘Centre’).
In March, the SBA organised a Sunshine Wander as part of the Melbourne Food and
Wine Festival. This event took place across three locations in Sunshine, providing a
platform for local businesses to showcase their culinary offerings and engage with the
community. A Sunshine Wander not only celebrated the diversity of local cuisine, but
also fostered a sense of community connection.
The SBA supported the Clarke Street Car Show in July, an event that brought
automotive enthusiasts and the local community together. The car show not only
added an exciting element to the Centre but also supported local businesses by
attracting visitors to the area.
The SBA delivered a highly successful Halloween Celebration outside the Sunshine
Library area in October. This event provided a safe and enjoyable environment for
families to come together, showcasing the community spirit in Sunshine. The SBA’s
commitment to organising inclusive and engaging events contributes to the overall
appeal of the Centre.
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Through newsletters, the SBA actively
informs all businesses of promotions
and activities.
The SBA has leveraged its social
media platforms to support numerous
activities and businesses. By actively
promoting and engaging with the
community online, the association
contributes to the visibility and success
of local establishments.
In November, the SBA held its
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
and a networking business event
at the Granary Café in Devonshire
Road. These gatherings provide
opportunities for local businesses
to connect, collaborate, and share
insights, contributing to a strong and
interconnected business community.
The SBA executed the annual bin
wrap and banner campaign, enhancing
the aesthetic appeal of the streets
in Sunshine. This campaign not only
contributes to the visual identity of the
Centre but also promotes a cohesive
and welcoming environment for
residents and visitors.
In summary, the Sunshine Business
Association has demonstrated
its commitment to the Sunshine
community by organising a diverse
range of events and initiatives
throughout the year. From cultural
celebrations to business networking
events, the SBA continues to play a
pivotal role in fostering a vibrant and
thriving Centre. The association’s
efforts contribute not only to the
economic development of Sunshine
but also to the community’s sense of
identity and connection.
As we step into the promising year
of 2024, the Sunshine Business
Association is gearing up for its
next big event, the annual Lunar
New Year Festival. Set to take place
on Sunday January 28, 2024, this
festival promises to be a vibrant and
culturally rich celebration, offering a
diverse and entertaining program for
the community.
The Festival holds special significance,
marking the beginning of the Lunar New
Year and embracing traditions that have
been passed down through generations.
The SBA has curated a delightful line-up
of activities, ensuring a well-rounded
experience for participants of all ages.
The festival will showcase a spectrum
of traditional elements, including the
iconic lion dance, which is believed
to bring good luck and fortune. The
crackling of firecrackers will add an
exhilarating touch to the festivities,
and attendees can anticipate receiving
red pockets, a symbol of prosperity
and good wishes. Performances
featuring traditional music and dance
will immerse visitors in the rich
tapestry of Lunar New Year traditions.
Beyond the cultural and culinary
experiences, the Lunar New Year
Festival serves as a powerful platform
for fostering community spirit and
understanding. It brings people from
different backgrounds together,
providing an opportunity to share in
the joy of celebration and learn about
each other’s traditions. Community
engagement lies at the heart of the
SBA’s initiatives, and events like these
strengthen the social fabric of the
Sunshine Town Centre.
While the cultural and community
aspects are paramount, it’s essential to
recognise the economic benefits that
festivals like these bring to the Centre.
Local businesses, from eateries to retail
outlets, experience increased foot
traffic and sales during such events. The
festival becomes a catalyst for economic
activity, contributing to the prosperity
of the local business ecosystem.
The Lunar New Year Festival is another
example of the SBA’s commitment to
creating a dynamic and thriving Centre.
As a volunteer-driven association, the
SBA remains a driving force for positive
change and prosperity in the Sunshine
Town Centre. The dedication of its
members and their ability to create
spaces for people to come together
in celebration is a testament to the
association’s mission.
As we eagerly anticipate the festivities
of the Lunar New Year, let us
commend the SBA for its continuous
efforts in making Sunshine a vibrant
and inclusive place to live, work, and
celebrate together.
Halloween at Civic Green
NC Food sells quality aged dried beef
NC Food’s stylish interior
Sunshine’s Shop Front Improvement
Program is now open.
The Sunshine Rising Action Plan
2019 – 2024 provides a ‘road map’
to guide the Council’s management
and revitalisation work program for
the Centre. One of the actions is
to continue to promote shopfront
improvements through promotional
material, business development
support, and other initiatives.
The Sunshine’s Shop Front
Improvement Program is designed to
help businesses create a more inviting
shop exterior for customers. This
program offers a valuable opportunity
for businesses to showcase their
products and services and contribute to
the overall attractiveness of Sunshine.
Read on to explore being involved in
the program and how your business can
benefit and get involved.
Benefits of Improving
Your Shop Front
Investing in your shop front can
have a significant impact on your
business’s success.
A visually appealing shop front can help
create a positive first impression and
build brand recognition.
Well-designed and well-presented shop
fronts can attract passers-by, increase
foot traffic and generate new customers.
A well-maintained shop front contributes
to the value of a property, potentially
increasing its market value.
How to get involved in
the Sunshine Shop Front
Improvement Program
Business owners and property owners
can express their interest in participating
in the program by contacting the
Sunshine Place Manager. A plan is
then developed which includes visual
examples, costings, and delivery
timelines. The Sunshine Place Manager
reviews the plan and identifies
opportunities where the Shop Front
Improvement Program can contribute
towards items such as signage, painting,
lighting, awnings, landscaping, and other
minor aesthetic improvements.
If you are interested and would
like more information, please email
call mobile
0437 593 893
NC Food, in Sunshine, is an exciting
new addition, offering a unique
experience for residents and city
workers who appreciate quality aged
dried beef.
The shop is situated on the Civic Green
at 249 Hampshire Road in Sunshine.
It’s conveniently located just outside
the water feature and the outdoor
dining areas.
NC Food specialises in dry aging
of beef, with a focus on quality
Australian Wagyu beef. They also
offer other premium meat products,
including pork and poultry, sourced
both locally and internationally.
The business is named after its
founders, Nhu Le and Canny Tran who
decided to open this distinctive shop in
Sunshine. They have installed a special
dry aging room where customers can
choose a piece of Wagyu beef or Black
Angus and pay $1.00 per day for the
drying process.
Dry aging is a controlled process that
takes place in a temperature and
humidity controlled room. This process
enhances the tenderness and natural
flavours of the beef by allowing natural
enzymes to work on the meat.
Canny personally designed the shop
layout, including the colour scheme
and fittings, adding a personal touch to
the overall aesthetic of the shop.
NC Food offers unique features that
set it apart in the western suburbs.
The combination of quality meats, a
specialised dry aging room, and the
founders’ personal touch in design and
layout creates a distinctive experience
for customers.
NC Food is open seven days a week
from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm, making it
accessible for customers throughout
the week. Additionally, customers have
the option to order online.
Bản tin “Sunshine Rising” (Sunshine Vươn lên) được Hội đồng Thành phố Brimbank
9249 4000
ấn hành mỗi ba tháng là một phần trong chương trình “Sunshine Vươn lên”, một
sáng kiến nhằm cải tiến khu Trung tâm Thành phố Sunshine. Bản tin đăng tải các
đề án, công tác phát triển, doanh nghiệp, những sự kiện quan trọng và các công
tác trong Trung tâm thành phố. Muốn được thông dịch viên Việt nam giúp đỡ, xin
gọi số 131 450.
373 - 1223
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There’s been a lot of activity in
the Sunshine Town Centre the
past few months.
Christmas deLights returned to the
Civic Green in Sunshine on Friday
1st December. The crowd enjoyed free
photos with Santa on the big red chair,
face painting and Christmas music.
This family activity encourages people to
come into the Centre for fun, Christmas
shopping and food.
Strip lighting has been installed
underneath the orange seats and tables
on the Civic Green. Not only does it
serve a practical purpose by providing
additional lighting for the area, but it also
transforms the area at night time and
makes a feature of the structure.
Two new lighting displays, celebrating
the Lunar New Year have been installed
in the Sunshine Library Windows and
on the Sunshine Projection Gallery. The
animated dragon named Shenron, was
inspired by the dragon from the Hong de
Lion and Dragon Dancing Association,
adding a dynamic and festive touch to the
Sunshine Library windows on Hampshire
Road. The dragon is a symbol of strength,
good luck, and power in Asian culture,
making it a fitting choice for Lunar New
Year celebrations.
The Sunshine Projection Gallery features
Phuong Nguyen Le’s work, “Sunshine,”
adding an artistic and thought-provoking
element to the Lunar New Year
celebrations. Le’s exploration of the
experiences of youth in the context of the
Vietnamese diaspora, war, migration, and
cultural identity provides a meaningful
backdrop for the community.
It is wonderful to see the integration of
a traditional symbols, like the dragon,
and contemporary art to create a multi
dimensional visual celebration. The fact
that these installations are available
nightly until the end of February 2024
provides an extended opportunity for
the community to enjoy and engage
with the displays.
Reindeers delight families as part of Christmas deLights
Stilt walking Christmas beetles,
Christmas deLights
Zoe Ennis