Children’s Strategy
Report Card (Year 2 – 2021-2022)
Our vision is that Brimbank is a place where all children feel they belong and are
safe, and where they can play, learn and develop to be confident and healthy. Our
Children’s Strategy is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of
the Child (CRC). The Convention states that all children have the right to opportunities
to survive, grow and develop - within the context of physical, emotional and social
wellbeing – to their full potential. Our Strategy demonstrates a commitment to
strengthen support for all families during the formative years of their children’s lives,
bolstering parent capacity to be their child’s first and most influential educator. We will
work to ensure that the built and natural environments in Brimbank enable children to
learn, develop, play, connect, feel welcome and safe. We will work with our partners
and services in Brimbank to promote equitable and timely access for children and
families to good quality, integrated services.

Strategy 1 – Support children and families to connect,
learn and build wellbeing
Supported Playgroups
640 Smalltalk Supported Playgroup sessions
• This engaged 361 parents and 437 children.
• 230 home visits delivered – 46 families
• Groups are delivered in English, Vietnamese
and Burmese.
• 133 parents participated in groups and home
coaching delivered in Vietnamese and Burmese.
• Self-referral portal on Brimbank City Council
(BCC) Playgroups website.
Volunteer Community Playgroups
100 families established their own volunteer
family led playgroups in Brimbank Playgroup
Brimbank Playgroup Leader Training was delivered
in virtual mode – resuming in face to face in 2022.
First Steps New Parent Groups
First Steps new parent group model is delivered in
partnership with Early Years Community Programs
and Maternal and Child Health.
• 538 first time parents participated in sessions.
• 91 first time parents participated in Vietnamese
and Burmese groups.
• Council’s Parent Support Facilitators delivered the
program in English, Vietnamese and Burmese.
• A hybrid model was developed and embedded
into usual practice.
• Self-referral portal on BCC First Steps webpage.
Cultural Competency and Responsiveness
of our services to meet the needs of all
First Steps New Parent Groups and Smalltalk
programs in English, Vietnamese, Burmese, Chin,
Arabic, Dinka, Mandarin and Cantonese.
Partnership established with VICSEG to deliver a
‘Baby Makes 3’ Saturday session in Vietnamese for
First Steps new parents.
A partnership established with the Multicultural
Centre for Women’s Health to target refugee and
migrant women in playgroup.
IPC Health Nurses visit Smalltalk groups to deliver
Women’s Health talks.
Early Years
Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) team providing
capacity building role to educators, to provide
culturally competent and responsive support to
engage families with children with additional
needs. The service supported over 300
children per annum.

Strategy 2 – Develop an informed accessible and
responsible suite of child and family services
Maternal and Child Health (M&CH)
Use of the ‘Bear Bus’ during COVID to provide
outreach visits to families at their home.
Development of an M&CH Outreach Strategy
to support families requiring outreach support
and services.
Parenting Support at various locations – M&CH
offered Park Play at local parks for families,
Circle of Security Group for families.
M&CH Enhanced Service participated in the
state-wide review of the Enhanced Maternal and
Child Health Service which supports families who
require additional assistance.
The 2022 annual M&CH Client satisfaction
survey received 172 responses, a response rate
of 9.8 per cent.
Playgroup survey tools revised and translations
updated to gain greater information and feedback
from families and hear the voices
of children.
Early Years
Early Start Kinder Program saw an increase from
approximately 40 to 50 participants per year to
around 150 per year in 2022.
Developed ‘Plan-Do-Study-Act’ cycles through
Best Start to test ideas and if necessary modify
approaches to engage vulnerable children and
families into kindergarten.
Continued the National Kindergarten Registration
model, registering families from birth to reduce
the impact of lack of kindergarten awareness and
English language proficiency.
Continued extensions of DET (Department of
Education and Training Victoria) CALD (Culturally
and Linguistically Diverse Communities) Outreach
Engagement Officer funding due to the success of
the program in supporting families.
Maintained partnerships with and outreach to
CALD community playgroups and services
Kindergarten Registration Policy was reviewed in
2022 to ensure accessibility and equity for all.
Delivered kindergarten registration outreach at
shopping centres and community events.
Continued working with key partners to support
and increase kindergarten participation by
families with high needs.
Continued to strengthen links with key community
stakeholders including Early Years Managers;
community health partnerships with IPC Health,
Brotherhood of St Lawrence, Drummond Street
Services and Parent Under Pressure Program (Good
Shepherd). These partnerships proved crucial
in ensuring that Early Childhood Teachers, their
children and families received the most up to date
information on supports available for families.
Kindergarten Registration Outreach team
continued to support vulnerable families to
re-engage with kindergarten programs.
Developed and refined the Preschool field Officer
Service Model in 2021 to identify vulnerable
services for targeted support.

Strategy 3 – Build partnerships and collaboration
to improve service access, increase resources and
support advocacy
Maternal and Child Health (M&CH)
M&CH continued to manage the following
Tweddle & Family Health Service for
breastfeeding support services.
Brimbank – Melton Child First Alliance.
Royal Children’s Hospital ‘Bubs in Mind’ Project.
Early Years
Facilitated the Brimbank Best Start
Governance Group.
Participated in the Brimbank/Melton Early
Start Kindergarten and Out-of-Home-Care
Working Group.
Facilitated the Long Day Care Teacher Network,
which provides connections to support services,
DET and customised training to teachers in
Long Day Care settings who do not have the
same access to support as those in Early Years
Managed Services.
Aiming to enhance service delivery of Early Years
programs in Brimbank, officers participated in in
the DET Derrimut Communities of Practice, with
facilitators offered professional development
opportunities and encouraged to share
experiences and learnings and network.
Participated in the Municipal Association of
Victoria’s Outreach CALD Engagement Officer
program and network. Part of the Outreach CALD
Engagement Officer’s main role is to advocate
for CALD children and families within Brimbank,
this includes, identifying and prioritising those
vulnerable children and families.
Co-facilitated the Brimbank Early Years Network
(BEYN) with The Smith Family Communities for
Offered Preschool Field Officer support to families
to understand the rights their children have when
choosing a school.
The Preschool Field Officer team continued
to provide links to educators and families with
the Brimbank Family Violence Practitioner for
1:1 support.
The Preschool Field Officer team provided
customised training for early childhood educators
to help staff recognise, respond to and support
children and women experiencing family violence.

Strategy 4 – Work to develop child and family friendly,
safe and welcoming built and natural environments
Child Safety and Wellbeing
Preparation for the introduction of the new
Child Safe Standards Legislation coming into
effect on 1 July 2022, including development
of a new online compulsory Council’s B-Train
training module ‘Keeping Children and Young
People Safe From Harm and Abuse’ for staff and
volunteers. Training of 13 Council’s new Child
Safe Champions to support various areas within
Council with more detailed knowledge and
skills around child safety and wellbeing.
Internal audit to support future work.
Maternal and Child Health (M&CH)
The M&CH service won the LGPro Safer
Families in Brimbank Award for supporting
families experiencing Family Violence.
Children’s Week Annual Playgroups ‘Picnic in the
Park’ was delivered as a virtual package due to
COVID restrictions. There were 615 early year’s
playgroup YouTube views. The picnic is scheduled
to return to face to face in 2022 at Sunvale
Community Park, Sunshine.

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