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Most signs that you wish to display or erect on land will require a planning
permit. A list of specific signs that do not require a planning permit are
described at Section 52.05-4 of the Brimbank Planning Scheme.
You should discuss your proposal with a planning officer to determine
whether a planning permit is required for your sign/s. If a planning permit
is required then the information below will be required to be submitted to
1. A recent copy of the title of the land, together with confirmation that the present boundaries
are the same as the title boundaries. A copy of Title can be obtained online at
2. Details of any registered restrictive covenant or S173 Agreement affecting the land. You will
need to check both the plan of subdivision (if the land is a lot on a plan) for restrictions and the
certificate of title for restrictive covenants registered or recorded on the title.
3. As required by the Brimbank Planning Scheme, an application to display an advertising sign
must be accompanied by the following information, as appropriate:
• A site context report, using a site plan, photographs or other methods to accurately
– The location of the proposed sign on the site or building and distance from property
– The location and size of existing signage on the site including details of any signs to be
retained or removed.
– The location and form of existing signage on abutting properties and in the locality.
– The location of closest traffic control signs.
– Identification of any view lines or vistas that could be affected by the proposed sign.
• The dimensions, height above ground level and extent of projection of the proposed sign.
• The height, width, depth of the total sign structure including method of support and any
associated structures such as safety devices and service platforms.
• Details of associated on-site works.
• Details of any form of illumination including details of baffles and the times at which the
sign would be illuminated.
• The colour, lettering style and materials of the proposed sign.
• The size of the display (total advertising area including all sides of a multi-sided sign).
• The location of any corporate logo box and proportion of display area occupied by such a
logo box.
• For animated or electronic signs, a report addressing the decision guidelines at Clause
52.05-3 of the Brimbank Planning Scheme relating to road safety.
• Any landscaping details.
• For any sign over 18 square metres in area:
– A description of the existing character of the area including built form and landscapes.
– The location of any other signs over 18 square metres, or scrolling, electronic or
animated signs within 200 metres of the site.
– Any existing identifiable advertising theme in the area.
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– Photo montages or a streetscape perspective of the proposed sign.
– Level of illumination including:
lux levels for any sign on or within 60 metres of a Road Zone, residential zone,
public use zone or Business 5 zone;
the dwell and change time for any non-static images.
• The relationship to any significant or prominent views and vistas.
4. Plans drawn to scale, including full dimensions.
5. Assessment against the advertising requirements contained within the Brimbank Planning
Scheme at clause 52.05.
6. Planning Application Form and relevant fee. Visit our website for lodgment options at:
Please note this checklist is for standard information required for lodgement. Additional information may be required
by the assessing planning officer after registration.