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The term “Change of use” refers to a change in the type of activity being
undertaken on land or in buildings (regardless of whether or not any
additional physical building works are proposed).
If the new use being proposed on land or in a building is identified as one
that needs a planning permit as specified in the Brimbank Planning
Scheme, the information below must be submitted to form your
1. A recent copy of the title of the land, together with confirmation that the present
boundaries are the same as the title boundaries. A copy of Title can be obtained
online at
2. Details of any registered restrictive covenant or S173 Agreement affecting the land.
You will need to check both the plan of subdivision (if the land is a lot on a plan) for
restrictions and the certificate of title for restrictive covenants registered or recorded
on the title.
You are advised that pursuant to the provisions of the
Planning and Environment Act
, a planning application that proposes a breach against the covenant cannot be
a variation or removal of the covenant is obtained
prior to the
development application being determined.
3. Full details of the proposed use which includes a written submission addressing the
• A full description of the activity itself.
• Hours of operation.
• The number of employees.
• How any potential adverse effects (noise, odour, dust etc) that may result from
the proposed use will be addressed.
• Assessment against the relevant provisions of the Brimbank Planning Scheme.
• Any other information.
Refer to the “use” application requirements under the applicable zoning provision of the land.
4. A plan drawn to scale, including full dimensions showing:
• The boundaries and dimensions of the site.
• The layout of the existing site/building.
• The part or portion of the site or buildings to be used and the proposed layout.
• The car parking layout on the site.
• Floor plans where relevant.
• Neighbourhood & site description plan.
Changing the use of land or buildings may also change the number of car parking spaces required.
If the proposed use has a higher car parking requirement than the previous use, then this will need
to be considered as part of such planning permit applications.
5. Planning Application Form and relevant fee. Visit our website for lodgment options at:
Please note this checklist is for standard information required for lodgement. Additional information may be
required by the assessing planning officer after registration.
Change of Use